ICC has worked to develop and manufacture exclusive lines of premium ammunition to advance the lead-free and frangible concept. The line of ammunition, which includes a premium hunting line, effectively addresses training concerns and has been prominently distinguished as an invaluable asset to military, law enforcement, and self-defense applications.
Each of ICC’s rounds are designed and manufactured with the shooter in mind, creating a benchmark in ammunition quality, reliability, and performance. The ammunition is created with the highest of standards and boasts the use of only the best components. Training and duty rounds share important qualities which have similar results when fired. Those common characteristics give the shooter confidence in the ammunition they depend on and enable a seamless transition from the range to duty. Whether you are law enforcement, military, or a citizen who carries for you and your family’s protection, you can be confident knowing that the ICC Duty Ammunition stacked in your magazine will have the same superior performance you experienced when training.

Our staff is comprised of personnel with military & law enforcement experience, certified firearms instructors, and research and development engineers with extensive industry experience. The importance of reliable and accurate ammunition is a concept which is understood and encompasses the completion of each hand inspected round we produce. The great deal of care and attention to detail that goes into ICC ammunition means more to us than to others in the industry. Why? Because there are many people that trust this ammunition in deadly force situations, including us.