International Cartridge Corporation

ICC was born in a small facility in 2000, starting a venture to load the best lead free and frangible ammunition in the world.  With such high quality ammunition standards, ICC quickly grew to be known as “the world leaders in frangible ammunition.”

We dedicated ourselves to the production of lead free and frangible ammunition because we believe that safety is the most important factor when it comes to shooting.  Our ammo is designed to reduce the risk of shooting related injuries, whether it be from a ricochet or over penetration.

ICC is also proud to be the first company to exclusively manufacture lead free and frangible ammunition. We are deeply aware of the impact that lead ammunition has on the environment and decided to focus on providing the best performing, reliable, shooter-safe, and environmentally safe ammunition available.

What really makes ICC great is the people who work here.  The personnel working here come from Military, Law Enforcement, Corrections, Firearms Instruction, and Loading backgrounds.   There are a great deal of combined skillsets here that understand the importance of quality ammo and have entrusted their lives to it.  With that mindset, each round is loaded and hand inspected knowing that someone will depend on its flawless reliability.

All ammunition is not created equal and sometimes, you simply cannot afford a misfire.